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I'm actually glad he had to leave. I'm probably in the minority but Junkie XL hasn't impressed me with any of the movies he worked on alone.


What does that have to do with Junkie's replacement? Plus, not that his work with Zimmer in BvS was "pure experimental cinematic art". Music didn't impress me in the film. In fact, I found it so melodramatic, but it never conveys any emotion, just like most of the film itself.


Well, he only was replaced for this movie. He may come back for another film. Unlike Zimmer, it's not like he's "officially out" of superheroes films.


Really? Elfman's theme is one of the trademarks of the Burton films era. And probably the only theme real fans associate with a true, dark, yet heroic Batman. It's THE BATMAN theme. No wonder it was even used for the first season(s) of the animated show.
Zimmer is good and talented, but I hear his themes for Batman and Superman (even in Nolan's films), and I'm not even sure if I can associate them with the heroes. And I doubt many others will ever do. And as far as I know, Junkie is the author of the theme for WW. All of that music pales in comparison with Elfman's work in Burton films.


Lol, yeah it's of course possible that maybe whatever he came up with wasn't cutting the mustard for what they are looking for.


Yeah, I did just listen to the'89 Batman theme and I can see how something in that ballpark could fit what we've see thus far of JL.


lol, *hangs head in shame* It's just been a damn long time!


Anyway, up at this point I stopped caring about DCEU scores. None of the films so far have impressed me in that area. Rupert Gregson WIlliams in WW was decent, I guess, but not so memorable either. But I feel like many of the composers haven't been so inspired so far. Let's not forget Zimmer resigned because he wasn't even comfortable in BvS, and it shows. Not even Elfman being part of this can hype me up, because I feel like he isn't even particulary inspired in many of his other recent works too (except maybe Alice in Wonderland).

Posts: 8

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Forum Oi! → Cinema & TV → Junkie responds to being replaced

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