Hey Sgt. W! hope you are doing fine!
Had to dictionairy deportment first^^
But as I loath for pathos, especially freedom pathos:
Would I be allowed to post President Whitemore here again?
If not, or if a real person is required, this would be my premier choice.
Not sure if an American mind can understand his attack on nationalism, but for an european this makes very much sense (searched extra the vid with eng subtitles)
as he said, one of his last acts, thus he had to deliver.
And boy, did that frenchman deliver.


I watched the video I would like to discuss it. But this is the wrong place to do so. I have a topic called A razors Edge of you want you can follow my next comment over there and we may discuss it there.


I´ll click on your account later and see where it takes me!
A lovely Biergarten calls me now^^


That was a good movie


I got to thinking about how I often go off topic. I don't try to do it, just my mind tends to hop a lot. Something about my mind vault where one thing will remind me of 5 different things that all have a common thread or connection.
But I do think there is a certain cadence and "deportment" present among certain musicians. The best example I can think of is this man. He made this shortly before his death, and was also in my opinion one of his most powerful songs, even though it was not his own.


Don't worry about being off-topic. On a topic with this broad a thesis, it's hard not to. I'm not as concerned with being off-topic on the channel as I am repurposing discussion, and you don't do that.


I can go along with that. I accidentally skipped ahead in the song, and the first words I heard was "I try to focus on the pain..." Well, I'm going to go ahead and just leave that for another time, but I totally agree with your statement about deportment. I think it's because music is constitutionally about presentation, as is deportment, so it's always going to be central.


You just love to give yourself airs, don`t cha?
Have looked at you channel, might post a music vid in the intended thread.


That must be nice to live in a place where science isn't ignored.


It is ok, one thing less to worry about. We still have some deniers here, AfD is their party.
Their other tenets are:
Gun down asylum seekers, favor russia over USA as an ally and get out of the EU - when they are not busy hateing on members of our national soccer team for the color of their skin or working for the rehabilitation of n.äzi propaganda terms.
Lovely people...


It's all about how strong your faith is, if you believe the preachers. It's a nice way to cover their asses when other people take a risk. If somehow the victim doesn't die, they capitalize on "a miracle," and if he does, then it's something about him that went wrong.