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I don't care if they ever do a R rated movie or not. Sure, there are some Marvel characters that are better suited for that rating but what I'd like to see from Marvel is some superhero adventures that are on a small scale. Similar to Ant-Man. Changing the tone every once in a while wouldn't hurt either. Every superhero doesn't need to be a comedian. I'd like to see some Marvel movies that take a page from the Netflix book.


Give us R-rated Howard the Duck based on Steve Gerber's Marvel Max mini series.


It has to make sense, based on the subject matter. Having an R-rated movie just for the sake of having an R-rated movie isn't good enough. Make it count for something, like Deadpool and Logan did.


I'm sure we all were itching for an R-Rated Power Pack title.
Seriously, though.  An R-Rated Hulk film might go over pretty well.  So might an R-Rated Ghost Rider film.


I can see an R-Rated Ghost Rider reboot, given how well the character was received on Agents of SHIELD this season...
But personally, I am holding out for an R-Rated She-Hulk movie, because it would allow them to ACCURATELY portray what would really happen to clothing when someone hulks up, lol. :-)


An R-Rated Winter Soldier pre-recovery would be pretty good as a spy thriller.


Seriously, I can't think of any Marvel properties that would really need a hard R-rated film.
And Netflix covers the rest.


idk who they'd use though like Daredevil and Jessica and all them are on Netflix and they don't have the X-Men I mean if they went for the right story they probably could work in a rated R Thor


Maybe, but I wasn't really going for the spy thriller angle, LOL.


It's a simple fix. Marvel nor most companies have no REAL vision. They think one dimensionally. Meaning "we make super hero movies", "all of our stories are about heroes, antiheroes and the like"... But if they made movies about the villains. Not just horror movies but suspense movies, thrillers. Where we REALLY dive deep into WHO the bad guy is and the fact they're super villains happens at the end like a punctuation.
Say the best part of that movie Split wasn't the surprise connection to Unbreakable. That would solve their R rated and tone issues because villains don't follow rules nor are they expected to be good. Thus expecting bad language and provocative situations is a given. Plus it would allow more lower level characters from Marvel into the mix because the villains must win their own stories to become the monsters fighting the heroes which further means more believable stories where the heroic sometimes die.
Just a thought.


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Posts: 11

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Forum Oi! → Cinema & TV → [EXTRA] Kevin Feige Says R-Rated Marvel Movies Are “Not Out Of The Question”

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