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Forum Oi! → Cinema & TV → [UPDATE] Fox Formalizes Simon Kinberg To Helm ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’; Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy Back, Jessica Chastain In Talks

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"Sorry for Last Stand, I never should have let Brett Ratner make it, I should have just done it and not done Superman Returns"
Fixed it for you tongue


That was actually my biggest problem with SR.  He was cast to play Christopher Reeve playing Superman instead of just being cast to play Superman.


That's because SR was a sequel, not a reboot. Singer was paying homage to Reeve's take on the character. In the context of it being a direct sequel to Superman II, I would rather have someone playing it like Reeve did, than a "fresh take".


I'm fine with him giving direction on how he'd like Superman to be portrayed, even saying to watch the first 2 as a reference... but it all seemed too much like "be Christopher reeve playing superman"


Brandon Routh as Atom/Ray Palmer plays the character a lot like Clark Kent, but with Tony Stark's knowledge and monies.


I haven't watched it, so can't comment.  I have no problem with Routh in general.  Just with his portrayal of superman, which I'm not saying is his fault... I blame singer for it


Fox... dude... seriously: STAHP.
Just re-boot. Pick a tone, pick a timeline, create a bigger arc, give yourself options, and start over.
You know what would be fun? A period piece. Go back to the 60's/70's and recreate the original team from the get-go. Keep it loose (age of wonder/simplicity) and let it evolve from there. The themes can get more adult and darker as the characters wind through the decades. Introduce characters as you go, rather than try to find the most popular ones to shoehorn in.
And, yeah, while we're at it: make the films move chronologically through the decades while using the same actors. Consider it a wink and a nod to the fans who've followed these heroes throughout the years.


This all actually sounds quite good to me, except I wish Jennifer Lawrence would move on. Pretty sick of Mystique at this point, and how they've elevated the character to Sainthood.
I miss Mystique doing really villainous sh*t. Tired of J-Law completely.


Why can't Chastain be someone good?
Why not Polaris?  I know she's going to be in that other show, but dammit!
Wolfsbane, Selene, Firestar, or HELL.  You know who would've been perfect if she were younger?  Boom Boom.
Or you know who would've been good?  Siryn.  Yeah, yeah. Banshee died and she's supposed to be his daughter, but make it his younger sister since X-Men is doing its own thing.  Give her a better role!


If it's the Dark Phoenix Saga like in the animated series, then I'm rooting on this. And hoping they'll polish the story this time.


Yes!!  Thank you!


They lied to us!!!
We were supposed to get a full reboot, with new actors including a new Wolverine!




Doesn't really say much about Kinberg if he's responsible for the script to "X-Men: The Last Stand".
It either means he's a one note writer or he's trying to redeem himself.


Well It would be difficult to recast Wolverine for a while, Hugh Jackman acted that role for 9 movies! Other than that they have recasted everyone but the prequels cast, it was clear that they weren't going to recast the Prequel cast.


Not at all. Don't want to spoil, but no.




I'm looking forward to it because I love the reboot cast.




It wouldn't be that difficult if they didn't keep throwing Jennifer Lawrence at us.  And much as I love Fassbender as Magneto, he and McAvoy should also leave so we could start from ground zero...
...sort of.
We don't need an origin movie.  Just do it like the cartoon, where it's assumed that everybody already knows The X-Men, but as it opens, we see everyone in costume (as was alluded to) and new actors for the big name roles (preferably no-names, so as not to obscure the story).
Sort of like this:
But with better acting.


That entire series is too mishmashed, in my opinion. I REALLY liked First Class, and I kinda liked Days of Future Past... but the vibe I got from the Apocolypse trailer and scuttlebutt was that they were simply going down the same path as the original X-Men films. I wasn't prepared the The Last Stand, part 2. Heh.


Yeah I didn't like apocalypse  all that much either, I mean I didn't ask for a refund or wonder how I would get time I spend watching it back (because I'm glad to have seen it) but it was definitely the least interesting  out of the "prequel/soft reboot" trilogy. And that is sad because apocalypse is a great villain, the dark Phoenix is an interesting one as well if you forget "the last stand"


I see what you mean about the reboot and it would be good. About jennifer lawrence  I don't find her as a bad Mystique, flawed definitely but not bad. They will take their time recasting Logan because they need to find a suitable actor and let the emotions Hugh jackman's last performance as Logan left us not be as vivid as they still act.
PS: the fan film was cool


I'm fine with a reboot sans origin. They should throw us right into the new X-Men's world and start the action. Leave the backstory to exposition and trust that the audience can handle it.




I assumed they were following the same trend as the first trilogy, and that devolved into effects and a ton of random characters, as well.

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Forum Oi! → Cinema & TV → [UPDATE] Fox Formalizes Simon Kinberg To Helm ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’; Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy Back, Jessica Chastain In Talks

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