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Not all families love is unconditional. There are people who disown there child because he or she is gay. There are families that disown their children because they change religion.


Is it love to allow a child to get away with anything and everything? Theft, bullying, murder?
Does love make any statement on intellect, understanding, or insight?
Can any mortal being thus provide a love that is not flawed? Can anything less than omnipotence demonstrate unconditional love?


Totally agree. "Unconditional love" does not exist, and neither does "altruism."
I think Ayn Rand's moral philosophy is the truest one ever expounded upon. And -- while she herself didn't realize this -- the truest to the Bible.


It is not love to teach a child to be a bully and it is not love to defend a child for being a bully. It is love when you teach a child to be respectful towards others and to teach them it is never ok to harm an other child because they are different. Do you disown a child because he is a bully absolutely not. A child doesn't become a bully over night , they learn it from their family.


How do you teach? Especially when that child intends to not learn regardless? Whe the child insists it is you that must learn?


It needs to start early, at the time you think that what a two year old is saying and doing is cute and you laugh at it. If what they do or say is offensive or unacceptable at 8 years old then it is offensive at 2 years old and not cute.
You control the child, the child does not control you.


Being lgbt is offensive or unacceptable to some parents.


Yes it is. But there is enough evidence to indicate this is the result of some hormone imbalance that occurred while in the womb. Many don't want to accept this, they prefer to think it is a learned issue. You don't disown your child because he has a heart defect or a brain defect..


Parents must raise their child with the knowledge abd understanding they have. Some have knowledge which informs them that science is a conspiracy.
These people must raise their child. The must control their child, and not let their child control them.


Gee, I hardly see being gay as a defect.


It isn't a defect. I guess I put my foot in my mouth on that one. What I meant was you don't disown your children for something they have no control over. Being gay is only a problem if you are religious.


I get you! ~


For some family It's best to Love them from AFAR! ~


I was in high school when I first read The Fountainhead and Atlas shrugged. They were hand me down books from my brother who was in MIT for Geological Engineering. I wasn't sure if I understood what I read.Those thick books with small letters had been pouring new ideas in my immature mind. I read those books again when I was in college,that was more than 20 years ago,...Powerful,..impressive..


Yeah, it think they should be required reading for every high school and college economics, philosophy and political science curriculum.

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