I'm not any "nist"


"Well first of all in my opinion few Feminists are guilty of prejudice because I don't consider anyone who has been prejudiced from when they turn 18 on wards to be a true Feminist"
Not sure what the above is supposed to mean.  Why are you equating feminism with prejudice?
The definition of a feminist according to Websters is: Someone who supports the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes.
Please provide YOUR definition of what a 'true' feminist is.
"in Saudi Arabia people are forbidden from criticizing the government, so because of that it would be more helpful if people in the Western World criticised their government,"
Feminists are CONSTANTLY criticizing the Saudi Arabian government.  How did you get the idea that they don't?  Just because they tend to be MORE focused on inequalities in their own country does NOT mean that they aren't horrified by how women are treated in most of the Middle East.  However, you can protest Saudi policies until you're blue in the face and it will have little or no effect on the Saudi governments policies.  That's why people tend to focus more on local issues that they CAN influence.


It's not just Websters.  Any reputable dictionary has the same definition.  It's what the word means.  Just because Rush Limbaugh and his ilk has decided to redefine it to mean something vile and wicked doesn't change the actual definition.