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Little did Joshua know..... I wrote the entire wiki page! It's filled with lies that I thought of when I was high!!!!
Just kidding...or am I?
No this is a fine article. You don't need cool references for me to take you serious. Kim seems like a very interesting albeit detestable man.


It's hard to believe there was a time when people believed that there really was a worker's paradise in the Soviet Union, or that the cold, blunt, paranoia of the Russians was preferable to the crass brasness of Americans.


LOL, So your a druggie Queen?


Best friends with top cia officer in charge of finding spies, go figure.  James Angleton you suck


"Check out The Sword and the Shield: The Mitrokhin Archive and the Secret History of the KGB by Christopher Andrew and Vasili Mitrokhin. "


No just an enthusiast (-;


SMH, you need to go to church(LOL).


Philby and others including the American Marxists were not seduced by reality of the Soviet Union or America, but by the utopian fantasy of a better world. While Philby was caught in a honey trap, most were recruited into the ideology as teens. Not a lot thinking or reality goes into either one. At the time of Philby remember that the Soviets had spies working in high positions in the FBI and the US government. Russians were good at getting loyal people to do stuff back then. Fortunately they forgot how to that.


But isn't church the best place to take LSD?


Jk. I'm not cool enough to actually do drugs.


No. They just became too poor to pay the necessary price. As incomes and quality of life rose in cold war America, the price of information rose commensurately, and finding a government analyst or some other mark who was underpaid and underappreciated became harder and harder.


Interesting. Then, of course, there was Robert Hanssen, who just enjoyed the chess game of outwitting everyone.




I disagree.  I think LeCarre laid out the scenario pretty well in his Cold War era novels, that a generation of upper class Englishmen, born and raised in the finest institutions to maintain a global empire, found the world constricting around them and their entire raisson d' etre crumbling as England's influence waned. In a world bifurcating into two poles, they felt that they were forced to choose which side might allow them to maintain the English way of life, and they felt more comfortable with the socialist model.
I also don't think Americans realize how appalling capitalism and American values looked to a certain class of Britons.


Sure we do. You think I don't read the Guardian? Those attitudes are on display every day. We're practically rioting over it.

Posts: 15

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Forum Oi! → Chit-Chat → Kim Philby: Spy Turned Traitor

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