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Well, I don't think he's wrong. Very unlike comics, movie land can get easily/quickly oversaturated. I, personally, have Marvel fatigue after GotG 2. Black Panther is a recent exception though; I'm super excited for that one. DC hasn't reached any kind of saturation point, in my opinion. They're still laying out their universe.
I'd like to see both studios take a year or two off after their respective plans have been realized - Justice League 2 and Infinity War 2.
I also think there needs to be more unique genre-specific stuff like Logan. A road trip/western style was very refreshing.


I don't think he's talking about a studio in particular, but about the entire superhero genre itself.  For a movie to stand out in today's environment it would have to exceed through better writing or the entire genre can suffer the fate of the Western epic.
So not Marvel in particular, but Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and Image (if they ever make good on their threats), will have to start pumping out better quality stories.  Marvel will have to break their successful mold and start taking bigger thematic risks while DC needs to continue to develop in a positive fashion. Basically if DC just puts out a flash bang film that fails to have anything truly unique to it (like WW has had), then they'll be in the same boat as Marvel.
But yeah, comics can have a very dry and droll run over several titles but make up for it by having the superhero genre be the primary form of comic books and enough variety to justify the whole thing.  Movies on the other hand seem like a much bigger investment for the casual watcher.  Evolve or die.  That's their only option.  And like you said, maybe taking a year off to help not oversaturate the market might help.  But who are we kidding?  We're talking about Marvel/Disney and WB/DC, these guys only run by the idea of "short-sighted."


The thing is, there is so much of history that both Marvel and DC have to mine. I love DC to death, and they have tons of complex wonderful plotlines that they can put on film. Just think of them doing something like a Sandman movie series, or one of Morrison's JLA epics. Or even... the JSA! Even on Marvel's side, what about doing The Man Without Fear, something with the Gray Hulk or Mr Fixit, Iron Man's battle with alcohol addiction... there's so much history that they have.


You have no clue how much I would debase myself for a good JSA film.  Hell, like you said, a good Wesley Dodds Sandman film would have me shrieking for joy.
I want Marvel and DC to tell good and unique tales and they definitely have, like you noted, the variety to do it.  I know they have to play it safe and build them for quick distribution, but there's so much they can do and hopefully will do.  Both seem to want to take risks but we'll see how far they'll go.


JSA on the big screen would bring tears to my eyes, honestly. Alan Scott is, to me, the greatest Green Lantern there ever was or will be.


Big time agreed.  Alan Scott, the man who truly wrote the book on will.  Probably get renamed to Sentinel or something, though.  In fact, I can't see DC/WB doing it only because of the confusion with the other Green Lantern.
But the major presence that would be Jay Garrick?  And the boisterousness of Ted Grant?  Especially if this were set like just after WW2 or something?  It would tickle my ivories in all the right ways.
Maybe we'll get a fantastic animated film.


A live action one would be glorious, but the current tone of DC's films are kind of off for these ones right now.  Conspiracy and government intrigue would fit but in a different way, and the color tones are off as well, especially as the JSA represents a far more optimistic and glowing tone.
But they can even throw in a few others like Starman and the Atom.  Talk about an action packed character piece!  Shoot, they can even throw in the Spectre or Citizen Steel.


After Wonder Woman, they can surely do this. In fact, give the project to Patty Jenkins. Think I will tweet to Geoff Johns asking him when we can expect JSA smile


People like the epic feel, the Force, and lightsabers. And maybe the Ewoks. There's not much else.

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Forum Oi! → Cinema & TV → Mark Hamill blasts superhero movies, says they need better stories

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