It's a phenomenon. Might be a brain thing; who knows. Might be more then a brain thing.


I have had that sense more than once in my life, where certain days, periods or moments have this feeling that I have been through this before or...I have lived this exact same moment before. Could be the lazy lifestyle, if you follow routine, whether it's going to work, some recreational activity or just doing nothing, if it becomes routine, it is bound to be some deja vu moments.


I might sound, ahem, stupid to some, but I think there is definitely another dimension out there. X, Y, Z and time are said to be the four, but those are the only ones visible to the human mind.
Are there more? Very probably, yes. Many people do not entertain such mundane (or rather inexplicable) subjects, but over time we tend to run into these things, and they make one wonder......
The magic thing about deja vu is only that you feel you have been through this before, but you know what's going to happen next, as in the next few microseconds. In such a way that you kinda know what the outcome is........
What does it mean? It means, IMHO, that there is a lot more to this world we live in that us humans can see, know and understand. I have been present where a guy has spoken several different dialects, complete different ones, when asked to go certain time frames of his life. Do we have several beings inside ourselves, where only we are active, and they are passive.....??


It's just so puzzling when it happens... really makes you wonder.


I believe it is a brain misfire that affects the perception of comparing current incoming data against similar catalogued past data.