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Why would we be critical of someone choosing his or her spouse based on the way they look?  If a man or woman are not attracted to someone of another ethnicity, why would we be critical of that choice?


Couldn't get this one up fast enough!
Please await boarding for your new Planet- Uranus!'


Lol. When have I said muslims aren't human. Quite the opposite, I've challenged those who do.
But it was a reference to the gay marriage comment
Reread mur. Your anger has blinded you.


ahh...ok my bad.  Yes, I have an anger toward people like you.  I hate you.  I am not out to sing kumbaya with you.  I am honest to a fault.
I think you are good somewhere in that frightened little man interior of yours, but it is up to you to find it and bring it up.


Took 2 centuries to go from a framed, legal Constiutional entry of the equation:
60%= 1.


Is evangelical whacko a better term?


The USA is one of only a few nations mainly third world, who won't ratify the United Nations Convention on The Rights of the Child and the only UN member state not to do do. Several past Presidents have said they were going to do it including Obama, but it has not yet happened.
Quite a coup for Donald Trump if he did it, would be something for the history books.


Mmmmm cake.


Well he knows them I trust his assessment


Youre cute..lets go out for covefe!


Well, there are some who want to make "America Great Again".


Ok. But the question remains, will the islamic world look back in 20, 200 years and think: how barbaric that was that we didn't allow gay marriage?


Sadly people still segregate themselves for various reasons, reasons that I'm yet to understand or relate.


what?  lol  Sorry, nothing Trumpesque.  Not into it.


Here's exactly how...


You sly devil!
I mean... you devil.
I mean...


Nice copout.
Look to the people of lut. Google the madhabs and homosexuals. Look to the fiqh


Since I  am my own moral agent who is rendering my opinion top answer your question, we may look back in 200 or so years and see the suffering and pain that religion has brought on mankind and that is why we left it long ago.
I hope to see Abrahamic religion in the hall of shame in a museum somewhere 200 years from now.


Thank you SATAN!


your percentage are flowed, I have seen many white families where there separation among marriage and downfall of children raised in shacks and swamps.........they are the percentage that most refuse to know or acknowledge. Places in America where children roam the streets without proper upbringing and lack of fathering


"loving,still affirmed marriage"
wow, there is a bucket load of jugement in that statement.
and you still havent answered my question
do you consider gay people inferior to hetro sexual people, and thus unable to choose to marry.?
or are you one of those "seperate, but equal" illusionists?
do you think that all athiests who marry are inferior in that they got married in a theist church? what about satanic worshippers? if they get married in a satanic church,, are they married?
please define your statements please. you clearly have strong opinions..
so clarify them, if you would, miss gloria.
what about marriage requires only a man and  woman to be in the couple?..


So simple to say that such thing happens in one community or race, instead of seeing problem in humanity as a whole........lack of family are in every race of the poor and forgotten, not just the poor really


Actually the Lovings established another kind of 'traditional marriage'...American style 'traditional marriage'.  Now, America just allowed another American style 'traditional marriage', same sex marriage.
There is no religious traditional marriage, especially Christianity...seeing that Adam and Eve had no marriage, Abraham screwing his wife's handmaiden, Noah screwing his kids, and so on.


I read fine.  Here...take this one vowel at a time and you just might get it...
"Let me know if you need cab fare. I don't have any money to help out..."
So, did you even graduate high school?  Yeah, that's what called a rhetorical question.  The answer is already clear.


We, the forum bastards, see only your hatred of Islam.  Yes, Mike, I do know that you're an equal opportunity religion hater.  I've no problem with that.  I've not yet, myself, come to understand your focus on Islam, however.
In the states here, even within your own beloved Florida, we have legislators with influence who wish to push archaic Christian beliefs into law.  That offends me more as a US citizen than something or other that happens somewhere else.
A great many of your views are not wrong - in fact, I agree with many - however, they don't apply to my world.  I am a terrible liberal.  I am not a globalized social justice warrior.  Let the foreigners rise against their own - if that is their desire.


I graduated on your mothers face.
Wanna go there?


Nope.  I'm happy to rely on the mods and channel owner to figure out what to do with you.


None of my parents or grandparents were "racist," at least as far as I know. Why would they be? They grew up in a practically all white society without access to heretical information online, race simply wasn't a major topic of discussion and I'm sure if I asked them they'd tell me standard baby-boomer platitudes about race not mattering.
I've watched enough of the classic Twilight Zone, Old Westerns, TCM Classics, and Civil Rights documentaries to see that they are one of histories most conditioned generations.
My conclusions are my own.


Are you of the Pauline flock?  How is Christianity the best of the Abrahamics?


There you go again being disingenous and totally dishonest!
You only bring up fgm in the context of Muslims...and you totally ignore other, non Muslim cultures which practice it as well.
You have NEVER written about fgm except in so far as it is still practiced in some cultures which are predominantly Muslim.
It's time for you to get up to date, and start thinking honestly and
Quoting from above:
Female Genital Mutilation occurs in non-Muslim societies in Africa and is practiced by Christians, Muslims and Animists alike. In Egypt, where perhaps 97 percent of girls suffer genital mutilation, both Christian Copts and Muslims are complicit. Thus, it has long been concluded to be a cultural practice, not connected to religion.
And this from the World Health Organization:
FGM is practiced among some adherents of the Muslim, Christian, and Jewish faiths. FGM is also practiced among some animists, who believe in the existence of individual spirits and supernatural forces. It is erroneously linked to religion, is not particular to any religious faith, and predates Christianity and Islam. However, some adherents of these religions believe the practice is compulsory for followers of the religion. Because of this flawed link to various religions, and specifically to Islam, religious leaders have an
important role to play in dissociating FGM from religion.
For example, while FGM is practiced in Egypt, which is predominantly Muslim, it is not practiced in many other countries with predominantly Muslim populations, such as Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

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Forum Oi! → Chit-Chat → Interracial Marriage Finally Legal

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