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Arguably the turning point of the Pacific War, as well as been the first major Naval victory for the Allies.


Not sure there is a lot to argue.  It was a massive blow to the IJN.


I am not 100% certain, but I don't think those are American troops in that chopper at 0:35.
Mexican? Filipino?


I've seen it argued also that the Guadalcanal Campaign was the turning point.


Fair enough, that was quite the meat grinder.  In theory the cracking of JN-25 was the most import factor in the early Pacific War.


Certainly I would agree- the US gaining Naval Superiority which Midway helped to achieve would become vital. Both of the battles played a crucial turning point- Midway in the Naval Campaign and Guadalcanal in the Land campaign.


As we can all see now, Midway was a matter of sacrifice for many, tragedy for a some, and dumb luck that saw America through.
I'm glad you and your husband honored his great uncle with a visit to his grave. Personally it kind of shook me, "his great uncle" you said, and me with a grandfather who fought in the Civil War. My dad being too young for WWI (born on '03), but not my uncles.
And still we don't question the boys who got rich in any of America's wars. Same family names you'll notice.


The cabal always wins!


You ARE a goblin!
Pretty sure the English invented English.


Wow...RUSSIA was of no importance in WW2???????
Holy cow..that CANNOT be the curriculum..that has to be some know-nothing teacher said that.


True enough,
but they were lazy and irresponsible
so we took it away from them
and they're not getting it back.
The brits had the largest empire ever seen,
but they gave it to the jews
and the jews are giving it to the wogs.
It's over.
Farsi, Pushtun, and Arabic are the future of Britain.


A lot of folks in Canada and I imagine elsewhere in the Commonwealth or in Russia, China, etc kind of eye-roll over what is perceived as an American arrogance (?) over their role in WW2.
I am not one of these people. They have good arguments, and I appreciate them, but 2 things, the American entertainment industry is there to entertain AMERICANS...and secondly, it should be a solid rule of thumb to never get your history from movies, or your politics from actors.
That all's a little anecdote I always like to trot out whenever I run into someone who think the Yanks didnt help out...or are miffed they sat out for a while.
There was a (Canadian) war documentary how the Yanks liberated the Canadian survivors of the Japanese attack of Hong Kong...4 years being starved by those bastards.
How emaciated they were....and how the Yank captain of a transport shipping them home assigned an American seaman to each recovering they assembled on deck, he said that "Anytime one of these boys wants ANYTHING to or night, this sailor will get it for them."
They then proceeded to feed them a huge typical American fashion of plenty....which of course was far too much for these sick Canadians...and there was alot of vomit these American sailor/guardians had to clean up.
Every time I think about that....I get a little choked up...


I disagree with the title of this article after Midway the Japanese Navy was stopped but it would not be until 1943 that the Japanese Navy would be off the offensive and on the defensive for the rest of the war. All Midway proved was what The Battle of the Coral Seas showed that Carriers were a new powerful weapon in warfare and that the days of the Naval Surface Action were numbered.


Yeah, but then Studebaker went broke


True, but made possible by the equalization of carrier forces

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