The world is more dangerous today than it was yesterday. Iran has made it clear that it intends to use its Nuclear weapons. North Korea has been making their intentions known. Will anybody be surprised when two nuclear explosions happen 300 miles above Kansas from both the East and the West? I would not be surprised but I am not a world leader.


Glad we are saved.
I am already feeling so lucky these days.
Thanx for giving me another reason.


I didn't know that about the Korean War.  Do you know this about the Yom Kippur War?


You are right about it....It is not a relaxed time either now....You can add also the Island quarrels in the China Sea....and Putin with his large hands....))






It really wasn't so wonderful.   There was a great deal of tension amongst the populus. It was subtle, butt we had nuclear attack drills in schools, bomb shelters were selling briskly, scenarios appeared in movies, . . . It was NOT peaceful at all.


Well the issue of access to the seas has been a Russian yearning for centuries, so that sounds plausible at least.  MacArthur was prepared for Chinese hoards.  He wanted to use nukes if they tried to reinforce.  I'm not sure how Stalin would profit from the US in Manchuria, but he certainly was the big power behind North Korea's actions and China's response.
I don't think Yugoslavia would have been a pushover for the 1950s Soviets. But I remember speculation about Russia wanting to shore up the Pact by adding Yugoslavia.
Thanks for the more information.