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It's kind of like the distinction between spirits and gods, though the distinction is very muddy. Leprechauns can be considered gods since they are supernatural beings with some control over nature. However, they aren't really like other Celtic gods like Lugh and Cernunnos. Leprechauns, even by the Celts themselves, seem to haven't been historically categorised as gods because they don't really have any special cosmic role to play, unlike the two aforementioned gods, and have little supernatural powers of note overall.


Pronounced the Dain Shee.


What's odd is that while leprechauns don't have cosmic powers, their ancestors the Tuatha de Danann did. Such a weird evolution.


I learned that from the movie Song of the Sea.


What's not weird is how the Leprechaun became an Irish racial stereotype.


Yeah that's not surprising. Most Americans don't even realize that their idea of Ireland is way off.


as bullwinkle said once,,
"if you cant trust what you read in comic books,,
thenwho can you trust!!"


where were you!? it was getting dark!,, and scary!.. and i was out of cheetos!>>


I feel your pain. I'm also out of cheetos.


I tried to put it in a Gaelic story-telling style but not make it take two days to tell.
But 'tis a terrible thing to find yer cupboards so poorly stocked yet still, as the wise ones always say ... "Any Port in a storm and if ya have no Port, a glass of Sherrie will do ...

Posts: 10

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Forum Oi! → Chit-Chat → Leprechauns were gods?

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