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Invitations sent.  You did it!


something completely off politics to bloviate around :-)
Thanks for the invites pal!


I'd ask him why.
(I wouldn't let him in.)


My judgment is to fulfill his desire and hang him.


That is a malicious intent.  Forbid him entrance.


Exactly, if he intends to be hanged then he intends to do something hang worthy.


Hang him.  The court has other cases it needs to see and obsessing over the assisted suicide of someone I don't especially know or care for just isn't my way.


I think he was coming back through to leave the shire, after visiting. Although, it could mean they wrote down what he intended to do in the shire, saw nothing wrong with it, but he still announced he intends to be hung. In that case he has admitted he intends to violate his intentions, and do malicious things against his promised words. Deny him entry. If he wants to die, he can feel free to throw himself off the bridge.


I would ask if he has any other intentions. If he answers in the negative, then I would tell him very well, allow him entrance, show him the way to a store that sells rope, and provide a scroll listing all the tallest and mightiest trees in the area. If, after that, he chooses to hang himself, I would then have him buried or cremated, or however we handle our dead in the little valley. Free will and honesty are maintained.
If, in the end, he does not hang himself while in the town and decides to leave instead, and he hadn't done anything else, then I would hold that him doing nothing was a direct attempt to be found incongurent with his stated goal, thus he was actually in line with his stated goal, and he would be sent on his way. He can dirty some other headman's noose.
If, however, he decides to leave and has done something else (specifically, something in violation of other laws that we must have to be such a peaceful hamlet), then he gets his wish and was hanged, because it would mean that hanging was not his only intention, and he lied saying he had no other intentions.


I did not make that totally clear, damn...
I think, I´ll best accept it both ways, chose as you like, either he is now going to leave, or he just arrived and the judges called you directly, maybe because due to the fact that the intent to be hanged is a very rare one they did so.


Why not just refuse him entry?


That's a lot of artificialities to pile up so you can ask if we would hang an innocent man that wants to be hanged.
I would tell him to go away, or that if he prefers he is welcome to jump off the bridge on his own.

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Forum Oi! → Chit-Chat → Thought Experiment - The count and the bridge

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