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Forum Oi! → Cinema & TV → According to a new theory WW2 and a the rise of Nazism doesn't happen in the DCEU (spoilers)

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Huh. Still need to watch the movie first


Okay this guy is reaching. I love how it's so easy to tell which party whoever rights this articles belongs to. If it's a left winged person the bad guys were right wing and their evil ideologies caused all the problems while the heroes are left wing and they saved the day. If it's a right wing person the bad guys were left wing and acted out of stupidity leading to all the problems before the hero saves the day with his right wing ideologies.


Then I wouldn't read this yet because it has spoilers


If they did this it would be interesting, difficult and utterly pointless. It's clear from MoS and BvS that the world is, basically, the world. It is in the process of seismic change in BvS thanks to  the arrival of Big-S from outer space, but it is our world - they have Dropbox and mobile phones and ordinary looking cars. Jimmy Olsen is still using film, and that might be a clue, but it's probably just an affectation. If they rewrite history it still has to end up at the same place. Space rockets imply German rocket scientists in WWII. VW cars on the street imply Hitlers folk movement in the 30s; there would need to be some way of explaining everything we see in three films.
To be honest - the Germans just becoming nice cos the God of War is dead was one of many things I didn't like about Wonder Woman. The implication, that war is now over, looked like the introduction of a hot-mess for the writers.


It does explain away the plot hole about why Diana did involve herself in WW2


That isn't how I read it. Ares dies and they cut to the smiling face of a soldier.


I think you'd find the changes would be huge.


Yeah but they were looking up at the gas that was destroyed in the explosion. Maybe you misread it


No, lol. Just no. The DCEU changing world history to a blatant elseworld in terms of basic history other than superhero lore? (Like Watchmen.) If you want the fan base to show up with torches and pitchforks then this would be a one great way to do that. The DCEU is in enough hot water with the CBM fandom to begin with!


They could of done something like the Soldiers just "surrendering" instead of them all shaking hands and laughing together!?
Like they give up and loose there will to fight.......
I agree that the way it was done was a little bit campy.


Totally agree!
i've said before you can already tie this Wonder Wonder into world War fact but it's still Sci Fiction. Hitler really believed in Mythical powers and weapons. The fact that Diana was apart of WW1 in this movie can tie her into WW11 fact.
Now....... Hitler Searched for these weapons because the existence of Diana made him believe there was Weapons out there that were magical and that could help him win the war. So he sends soldiers on a private mission around the world and to the Arctic to find these weapons. Still WW fact nothings changed. All that changed is the reason that made Hitler do this as "really" no one knows what lead him to believe these weapons were out there in the first place.


To be honest, I was just waiting for it all to end by then and might not have been paying enough attention


While watching the film I thought that...
the story wouldn't be so changed: Yes, she killed Ludendorff, but after that moment, I thought that there would be a quick flashback or narration near the end, which would show that World War II would've happened anyway. As a way of showing that this time it wasn't Ares influencing the people, but also they were the only ones doing the whole thing this time. It would've contributed to DIana losing faith in mankind, not only by her loss of Steve and the consequences of the First War; although these motives were well executed anyway: the destruction of the village, for example, and I even loved how "little" details accurately depicting the War were used... like the german soldiers near the end, taking of their masks to reveal they were just teens and youngsters... all of these things that made a full impact on her.


Plus didn't Lex said his father came from West/East Germany? (don't remember which one)


The divisions in the First World War were almost arbitrary. Britain and Germany shared a royal family, making alliance possible. It would have brought together the biggest army with the biggest navy and could have extended the Age of Empire by decades carving up the Austria-Hungary an and Ottoman Empires.


True, but the Kaiser kind of bungled that with his love/hate relationship of the UK. his initiative to make the kreigsmarine the envy of the royal navy was the nail in the coffin.
Had he not been so anti british, that could have happened.

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Forum Oi! → Cinema & TV → According to a new theory WW2 and a the rise of Nazism doesn't happen in the DCEU (spoilers)

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