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It is in FACT one sided AND political if only one side of the political spectrum is adhering to commonly accepted ethics standards that almost ALL of us are required to adhere to at our places of employment. We risk losing our jobs if we behave unethically. Our elected representatives get cheered or chastised if they behave unethically, but not dismissed. They work for us, we hire them, their pay is our tax dollars, therefore WE THE PEOPLE are the boss, and we have an ethics standard called the US CONSTITUTIONS. So....why the double standard?


That's thebspirit, Chika.  You always have the right idea.  Thank you!


Again, you are free to start your own "non-political" ethics and morals discussion—just anout everything has SOME politics in it.
Thank you, Socym.


This is why—begin your own discussion if you think things are getting too one-sided.  I or the other two great Moderators will send invitations.


Just another example of the dualistic crab pot society we live in. -Always bouncing back and forth between right and wrong, good and evil, iron sharpening iron, leading to war.


Do you like the doggie?




It could be a good topic but as an ethics discussion it may be as important to discuss sex and resulting pregnancy outside of sincere commitment. Civil marriage is a legal contract involving 2 people and the state.  Marriage as a sacrament varies from church to church and there are millions who see no relevance to a sacrament.
I have known many people who stayed together through good and bad times and raised fine kids without ever getting married.


True as ethics go a firm commitment to raise children together prior to marriage. I see your point about marriage.


Ah yes, anytime Roc Kit.  I read your posts at comic book and movie channels and I enjoy your take on things!


I'm just noticing now that I don't see a button that allows me to simply search for The Write Way (presumably a forum channel).  I'm sure I could Google it, but is there a simple way within forum to find a named channel?


Ah.   You can use a link like this:
[ ]
And after that second to last slash, you can write in the name of the channel, use no spaces. Add a backslash right afterward:

Posts: 12

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Forum Oi! → Chit-Chat → Ethics forum channel is not one-sided.

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