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Somebody is not dealing with a full deck.  And it isn't Comey or the bipartisan anger of the Senate investigatory committee.  As a private citizen Comey is entitled by law to distribute his notes.   That has been legally established. G.O.P Sen. Rist said while it wasn't cool, Comey did the country a service by forcing appointment of a Special Prosecutor.  Comey is a prosecutor's dream witness . . . he was "perfectly imperfect" as a genuine truth telling human being would be.   Dump is done and IF he remains in office until the end of his term he will be ineffective or paralyzed.


You know, this is what I'm getting at—the agenda to impeach Trump holds no water. "Not liking the president" is NOT a reason to imprison him or impeach him or to slander him or to defame him.
Why do you think Dem' pile-of-ticians are backing off "impeachment" talk?!?   They probably wises up.  See that there is no crime that Trump has committed.
Let me put on my Lefty cap—yeah, I have a nice one—for you, rev2000.  Yeah.  With that hat on I still ask, what is the DAMN crime that Trump has committed?????.  Don't give me that Russian s-- either!   That is more nonexistent than a majority of nipples on the bottom of people's feet.
I REALLY the president goes on the offensive!   He might do it; first time I've seen his lawyer speak at length.  So watch out, Lefties.   Morality is back!


He did not leak classified information Dufus!


Oh he's a leaker all right.  Ask Lefties before today if was one or not.  They'd have said "absolutely not."   Oh, genius, NOW you're talking "classified" to me?   You're talking about the LAW to me, you crumb?!?   Because it doesn't seem that that the LAW is being applied when it comes to getting Trump out of the office that he was rightfully voted into


But with zero evidence to that effect, I can't say that is the case - or even suggest it.


Sorry, Meat.   Reality spoken here.  BTW, no "e" in soothsayer, Meat.


He's got zip to go on the offense with.   It's not a "like" issue.  These are accusations that are becoming more substantive, not counting what Mueller has already gathered and continues to gather.   Moreover, the panel members are very bright people, and anyone, anyone, watching Comey's testimony and having any experience or professional experience in reading people can tell this guy is "uber credible".
As an opinion with lots of experience behind it, I can say, Dump could not hold up under a cross-examination.  He's too dysfunctional, yet he may be called to testify.   Why Trumpsters don't see what non-aligned people such as myself see and hear is beyond me and a great mystery.  It also is apparent to Dump's own part as well as Democrats.
Dump is done.  He may stay in office, but he will be ineffective.


Wow. I've been reading and watching video clips every chance I got tonight. Can you believe this crap.
Trump not investigated. No collusion with Russia. Trump didn't try to impede an investigation. What a witch hunt.
I bet Mrs. Meadows got that look like she had when she saw Trump won the election.
Trump said it was a witch hunt and its turned out to be so. Trump just back handed the whole liberal media. The democratic party and all liberal and antifa out there. Fantastic.
Now Comey goes out in disgrace and a liar and a snitch never to be given the time of day again.


You forgot Reagan, the Dems had a cow over him too, but weren't able to stop him.  It was easy to get Nixon to go left with wage and price controls and such.  Not Reagan.
They had a cow over both Bushes too.  They have a cow EVERY TIME they lose, and thanks to Obama and Hillary, they lost BIG.  Nationwide.


Very well put.  Herein lies the problem for the Dems right now.  They have nothing but their own corruption, which they have been conveniently not only blocking, but blaming on Trump and the Russians.


Trump was vetted.  Obama was not though.  The DNC thought proper vetting would have been "racist."


But was Dodd-Frank moral?  It was certainly built on false pretenses, but in the end, government control of all is the goal of the left.


He won't, it's pretty much over, except for the "non-believing left" who somehow think that Trump corrupted the DNC and made them choose Hillary over Bernie as they colluded with the MSM.  The story gets pretty convoluted and sketchy, but it's all they have right now.


Seth.  The name she could have likely used to get Comey to change his mind.  Just kidding....sort of.


It requires reasons to do so, not random hate as the left is awash with.  Guess what, we got 8 years of one of the most corrupt administrations in history with Obama, and nearly got another 4-8 with Hillary.  It's your turn to squirm and swear at the TV for a while.


Manhattan?  This is why you lost.  Hillary would have been the most embarrassing "con" of the century.  Elected with her baggage and criminal past...and present.  Almost as bad as electing someone with no experience in anything of value which you know nothing about, just that he's black and metro.


Huh?  Obamacare is the Titanic, but this other ship might sink too, it will just take it longer.
Face it, Obamacare was designed to fail, not succeed.  The Gruber comments lay it out pretty well, even though the Dems would wish you would forget that.


All I see is division, there is no impartiality in this topic people people start talking about the left or the right parties, instead of becoming individuals (americans) that happens to vote for a left or right party.
Now about yesterday's testimony it was very interesting. James Comey didn't just release notes to the press, which was unfortunate for the FBI and the president, but also spoke about his reasoning of why he didn't publicly said that the President Donald Trump wasn't investigated. With all due respect, I do believe that was a political move because he left the press attack the now elected president for something that as far as we know wasn't true... but Hilary was able to have a conference to clean her campaign with his help.
All in all... is just a big mess where more questions will arise.


Seriously, you are still riding that one?  Give it a rest, they will only be a big deal to those invested in narrative over fact.


Oh dear!


This is wishful thinking. All presidential candidates are subjected to the equivalent of an SSBI (the background investigation necessary for TS/SCI clearance). Presidents elect also go through additional screening and ethics reviews. There are no outstanding ethics issues with Trump. I understand you don't like Trump and will construe any trivia as a COI, but that is not how the system works. If you apply that standard to all presidents, they will all fail
Both travel bans were based on a list developed by the Obama administration, as in the EXACT same countries which were subjected to additional vetting under Obama. So if that list of countries is flawed, you need to blame it on Obama.
Being president is going to help Trump, period.  There is nothing anyone can do about that. Every president becomes instantly marketable, and the Trump brand, already worth several billion at least, even in a fire sale, will benefit. But in terms of him profiting, he has signed his paychecks back over to the treasury, and non-partisan estimates are that he will be about $100 million poorer by 2020 than he would have been had he not run for president.
I don't like Trump and have never liked him. I voted for him, but I am not enthusiastic about him in any way. I thought he might have some legs to reverse the creeping statism that has infected the US since 1934, but I see no evidence of that. The reason I supported him is because, even though I don't like the guy, no matter how hard I dig all the charges against him seem to be vituperative vapor.
I am ashamed to say I feel schadenfreude at the Democrats throwing an epic, world-class hissy over his election, but when Democrats feel threatened they do not scruple from political assassination. Do they may have the last laugh ;-)


Absolutely. We can all agree that gravity works for some reason and that if we dont eat (etc.), we die. Things like that can be assumed to be true. Anything that can be argued against is an opinion.


Trump got crushed yesterday. Here's what we know - confirmed in testimony under oath:
1) Trump lied about why he fired Comey - confirmed.
2) Trump begged Comey for "loyalty" - Confirmed
3) Trump tried to bury the Flynn story, and use Comey to do it - confirmed
4) Sessions failed to recuse himself *earlier* than suspected and had *another* undisclosed meeting with Russians - confirmed.
5) Trump is *now* under personal investigation for abuse of power, and possible obstruction.
Love the way you blow that all off as if it never happened though. Nice try.


"I can find no evidence of Trump doing anything wrong" Did you miss the testimony yesterday? Abuse of power, possible obstruction of justice? How are they not "wrong"?


My research belongs to the university.  However, I retain rights to use them other than submit them to another university or use them in a way that infringes upon the rights of the university.   Any notes remain mine as "work product".    It is the same as if you were to get a patent.  The patent belongs to the company.


Time for a subpoena.  He can be ordered to submit them.   (if we haven't elected a bunch of cowards)


Evidence is vital in a criminal case.   You can't just convict someone because you have a "feeling" they are guilty.


Today is your day!


Enjoy! ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️


Eventually, it has to get there.  The recipient class will keep wanting more, and the Democrats will keep delivering until there is nothing left or the responsible rebel.  In the modern world, we see collapses.  When will the recipient class tire of receiving?  My guess is "never."

Posts: 1 to 30 of 31

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Forum Oi! → Chit-Chat → The moral of the Comey testimony is . . .

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