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I think that Mystique and Rogue definitely need solo movies. They are cool characters who need the a proper adaptation.
I desperately want a Helena Wayne tv show. I know she isn't a popular character. But she is the daughter of Batman and Catwoman my favorite couple.


My personal list:
#1 She-Hulk -- although some of the "breaking the 4th wall" fun about her may already be mitigated by Deadpool.
#2 Rogue. I liked where they were going in X-Men, but I never felt resolution; it felt more like pandering, or using the character as bait-and-switch.
#3 Atom Eve. Okay, probably not going to happen. But it'd be fun to flesh her out as/before Invincible gets made.
#4 Robin. Think of a reverse-DKR, where we're following this girl growing up and fighting crime and sticking to her ideals and learning a morality... and then, at the end of the flick, she runs into Batfleck. Oi.
#5 Ghost. It might even be fun to make her into an animated film!
I'm leaving out Captain Marvel and Squirrel Girl because, from what I understand, these are already in the works... right?
Special nod to Batgirl and Spider-Gwen, who could be very interesting characters... but they ride on coattails to a large degree. Yes, so does Shulk, but I don't care. I get to be inconsistent with my own list.   ;o)


I would like to see a Gwen Stacy / Spider-Gwen movie.
-Another good one would be X-23 / Laura Kinney. I love that crazy b.
-I'm not sure about a Batwoman or Batgirl movie, but it would depend on who they cast for the part.  If they make one, hopefully they would include The Court of Owls and the Talon in it.
-Jeannine Sauvage / Guillotine  would be another one I think would be cool to see.


I really want to see She-Hulk start as a supporting character in human form on Daredevil as a rival lawyer. Than she gets in a coma at the end. Her series starts with Ruffalo making a guest appearance as Bruce giving her some of his blood which transforms her into She-Hulk.
Black Widow is a no-brainer for a solo film. Batgirl is another one. I can do without Rogue or Jean Grey ones though.


The Huntress right? Really enjoy her appearances in first couple seasons of Arrow.


Well that wasn't Helena Wayne that was Helena Bertinelli. A different Huntress. I did love the Huntress on Arrow.


My preference is:
1) Black Widow - They need to adapt "Black Widow: The Things They Say About Her". Fantastic story, about 2 Black Widows. The main story is about an older, more world-weary yet more kickass Black Widow, and she meets a younger one who decided to take a different path in life. It's a great story about a character going two different ways, and what she is made of. PS: NO Scarlett Johanssen, except maybe as the younger Black Widow.
2) (Like she said in the video) She Hulk - In John Byrne style smile They already made Deadpool break the 4th wall, She Hulk was doing it long before him smile and she was funny smile


Good idea for the She-Hulk intro.


Red Sonja, She-ra, Vamperella.


Red Sonja, She-ra, Vamperella.


The only problems I see with a Spider-Gwen, X-23, Batwoman/Batgirl film is that it's the female version of other characters. Granted, I'm excited about the idea of a She-Hulk property, but I think it's important to get some female characters out there who were designed from the ground up.
Obviously, if they're done properly it really doesn't matter if they're "versions" of male characters beyond the social implications.


So something like rogue one


I have the feeling there's going to be a She-Ra resurgence in the next year or two... but I don't have high hopes for it.


Kinda. Except that her character wouldn't die at the end.   ;o)
The thing about Invincible is that so much of the important aspects of the book (read: Viltrumites!) are explained as you go; as comic geeks, we tend to want to know about the interconnected superhero network (like Capes, Teen Team, Global Guardians, etc) but they're really just backdrop/sidestories. In fact, if Atom Eve wasn't a *prequel* story, hers could easily be a sequel that delves into these issues apart from Invincible; they could end the first flick when she's going off to Africa, then make a film about her/Earth, and then come back and deal with the second wave of Viltrumite storylines in a 3rd film.
I'm getting too in-depth on this. Ha!


Sounds interesting. I've read all the releases and the stories are better than a lot of cliche storylines that get made.


I'm only up to the 9th collected edition, so I'm a few years behind... but everything I've read is amazing.


It's a roller coaster alright and Kirkman doesn't give his protagonist a break. His version of civil war has real stakes. I'm gonna stop before I spoil it for you.


Thanks.  yikes)  I just reread them recently and planning to catch up very soon!


It was me that put the John Byrne stuff in, because they didn't say anything about it, they just spoke briefly about She Hulk. But that run is one of my all time comic favourites smile That was one time John Byrne wrote and drew good stuff.


Yes, Robin from DKR, Carrie Kelley. "Good soldier. Good soldier." LEGENDARY!


Have you read BW: The Things They Say About Her?


No... I'm not at all a Black Widow fan.  Is it good?


I wasn't really either... until I read it. The writer is Richard K Morgan, and man he wrote good stuff. I just found out recently that he wrote 6 issues before this one called Black Window: Homecoming, which I will read soon. Suffice it to say, it's quite a different type of story, and very good.


we need more gal movies like WW.


First I'll be commenting that video:
Black Widow - I think she has not had her movie yet cause having her past surrounded by mystery is part of her character - I think a movie about her explaining her origins and stuff would ruin the character cause she's thrilling due to all we don't know. A movie about her that wouldn't be related with her origins and stuff would be seen as just a random adventure/mission and would sorta be seen by the fans just as a non interesting filler.
Rogue - I think she's awesome but she really doesn't have any solo adventures not related with the X-Men that would make a movie, even her origin is related to the Brotherhood and the X-Men - what would a solo movie about her be about? She can definitely be a main character in a X-Men movie, sorta like wolverine was in the first 3 movies... but wait - so was she... at least in the first one - so that's been done...
Jean - sorta the same I said about Rogue... but she was very background character - yeah building up X-Men movies to a Phoenix Saga can work on the long run - I didn't really like Sophie Turner as Jean - I love Sophie Turner, I love Jean Grey, but I really didn't like anyone's performance in X-Men Apocalypse... I sorta enjoyed the movie as a whole but when I shred it to bits there's nothing about it that I like...
X-23 - I haven't seen Logan yet - but again I think a movie just about her would be odd, she could lead in an X-Men oriented movie but that's it...
She-Hulk - I agree with this choice - I love She-Hulk, she breaks forth wall, she could have a movie sorta as good as Deadpool, she has a very strong personality - she could really pull out an awesome movie.
So here's my list:
Emma Frost - she's super hot - no popular enough - such a complex character I can see a movie showing her origins. how she got on with bad guys then joins the X-Men, it would be a very grey zone, showing how sometimes people aren't really good or bad but just trying to survive and do what they have to do... I think there's not of potential.
Harley Quinn - I'd love a movie about her origin, from childhood trauma, to meeting the Joker, becoming a villain, being rejected by the Joker, turning against him and becoming the sorta of hero she's atm in the comics.
Cat-Woman - C'mon guys, Bats wants to marry her now, we need a couple movies to give her background... again this would be a very grey one, starting as villain or even as a prostitute (according to Frank Miller) building up that relation with Batman till he trusts her - while keeping independent and not a member of the "bat-family" - I see lots of potential here...
Vampirella - she's awesome and so little popular...
Power-Girl - her journey along side some Earth 2 characters till she joins Earth 1 - this could be very good or very bad (as Suicide squad showed us...)
She- Hulk she'd make the top of my list, but she was mentioned in the movie and I already said I agree...


Your Robin idea is epic.


I liked how Robin was presented in TDK, where you (or at least I) didn't really think about it until the *reveal* at the end. But I'm not sure how to market a movie that feeds into the DCEU without making it obvious... it'd be kinda cool if the movie is just plain awesome, and people at the go "Holy eff. That's Robin!" and she shows up in the next Batman/JL film. I don't think you CAN do that -- unless you make it a series on cable and then the last episode is the twist?

Posts: 27

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