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If JL does well, I could see Zack directing the JL sequel. Let the JL take on Darkseid! Zack is a great director for that story. But this only happens if JL, in addition to being highly successful financially, is not a polarizing film.


rogbngp when did you turn against Zack?


Cool can't wait for superman with lens flares.
I'm joking, felt that was important to add.


On God's Green Earth, I truly hope not. If you really don't understand why, go ahead and look up his "ridiculous-pitch" and the probably-worse-than-"Superman-Returns"-unmade-film he gandered at once upon a time.
And even despite that, if Abrams did ever make a Superman film it'd likely be a near-carbon copy of the original "Superman: The Movie." Scene by scene ... because that's how he approaches non-original material as witnessed by 'TFA.'
(And I was once a huge fan of J.J., hated "Star Trek" growing up, yet LOVED his reboot, along with his work on "Lost," amongst others ... so I'm not a hater. I've just matured enough to learn his "little tricks.")


Haha this is hilarious ... yes, it was you. And YES, that was the ultimate sell-point for me on Vaughn lol ... NOW the really funny part: I just got done w/ a rant on here about keeping J.J. as far away from Supes as humanly possible. Oh, the irony.


And lens flares


So.... every director wants a piece of DC cake right now?


Yeah, I recall now that you're not a JJ fan, lol. What do you think about the Star Trek reboot films, though? I love them. To me the appeal is about seeing the characters brought back to life, which I thought JJ did an excellent job with. If you don't mind please, refresh my memory... Why again are you thinking Abrams would be so bad for Superman?


Lol, I love Zack! Why do you think I've turned on him? I think he is a genius.  But I'm not completely uncritical.
He's fearless, which I totally admire. But taking such bold directions and making such strong choices is going to be divisive for characters like Superman and Batman. It's okay with me that his films are polarizing but from a business perspective, I am frankly amazed that he continues to hang in there!
I love his vision for these characters thus far. But I also think Zack has room to improve in creating emotional connection to characters, and creating a sense of interpersonal chemistry between characters. He is not terrible at it, or anything. But its something that seems to get too little attention because of his emphasis on grander ambitions regarding the deeper meanings of the films.
Actually, I am hoping that in JL Zack does give us exactly what I feel has been missing. I'm very optimistic that he will from the trailers thus far.


I could not disagree more! Did Abrams not give a wonderfully fresh update to Star Trek?
Yes. Yes, he did.
The feel of Abrams' Star Trek reboot is nothing like the corny TOS show or movies (which I can no longer watch unfortunately--it does not age well for me).


The lens flare complaint... I dunno, just not a big deal to me.


Ok you aren't dead to me yet.


It's not that big a deal to me either, I just think it's funny how much he overdoes the lens flares.


Good. XD


Nm, saw your other post about Abrams.


Okay if you still care I talked to my friend who told me it was debunked and he said warner bros debunked it,  they said no additional reshoots or photography have been done they do have some pick up shots (not reshoots) scheduled for later this year but that was planned a long time ago.


it's whatever gets you motivated dude lol, i probably ruined your psych sorry dude ha

Posts: 17

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Forum Oi! → Cinema & TV → Matthew Vaughn in the mix too to direct 'The Flash', Variety reports

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