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Niktuu Clacktuu  Veratuu? Haha, best movie ever!! Shop smart....Shop S-mart!!
We call that pillow talk baby! Hahahaha


And what Evildead nostalgiafest between soldiers would be complete without the boomstick sales pitch? I've been in a few backwater places in the world where I almost felt like I had to explain them to the natives. lol


Where's the boobs and police humping dogs....? Lol


My boom stick!


I don't recall seeing those in Evildead, but I wouldn't rule them out in the new series. It's pretty out there. lol


109$ walnut stock...I miss those days.
On a military side note I love how no matter the nationality, language, or culture everyone is fluent in weaponese.


...she said.


It's S'mart!


Fvck up the deadites with the shotgun.... no problem.
But watch out for the trees. The trees will rape you.

Posts: 9

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Forum Oi! → Chit-Chat → Ash VS Evildead

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