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If you don't get things right the first time...


Guys as per trades, this is total bullshit.
The cast has been busy elsewhere. Henry busy filming MI6, Gal pregnant, Ben in rehab, Jason prepping for Aquaman etc.


If it was true, I wouldn't have been suprised. Suicide Squad wasn't TERRIBLE (and thank god it made money). but it was clearly butchered in post because of the hyperbolic backlash to BVS. and Geoff Johns involvement doesn't bode well given his desire for 'hope and optimism' could cause serious tonal whiplash.


At least the article doesn't sh*t on the DCEU


COMPLETE BS ... another sh1t-blog trying to cash in with major clickbait.


Thank you! And let me add that even if JL was purely in Snyder's hands without any interference and doesn't particularly focus on emotional connection to the characters very much, I would still prefer to see that than a compromised film that goes horribly wrong it trying to remake/"repair" the film.
I'll be honest that Geoff Johns hasn't earned my trust yet as creative lead. He is reportedly a very fine comic book writer, and has performed well with the CW TV shows overall. But epic blockbuster films are a horse of a different color, with which he has no past experience. And I simply don't know if he is out of his depth with them, or not.
Again, not to sound negative but for the DCEU films that we have actually seen thus far, the one overhaul that we can assume that WB made thus far was Suicide Squad. And most fans of the film seem to agree that the story/narrative flow suffers from the editing that was done (not that we know what it looked like prior to the reshoots from among the literally six or seven versions that David Ayer said he had shot). Maybe the reshoots worked to make the characters more appealing, but the story seemed to have problems.
The other film that got reshoots after the release of BvS was Wonder Woman. So we're about to find out in just a few weeks if there were any apparent problems wrought by the reaction to BvS in that film.


Okay, as Vish posted in another thread Umberto Gonzalez calls this out as fake news, untrue.


Snyder's original vision for the DCEU was supposed to be a grounded more realistic and cynical Superhero universe to contrast with Marvels more wacky upbeat tone and differentiate them from the competition. But thanks to the backlash, and WB being hopelessly tone deaf and reactionary to criticism,  instead of sticking to their original creative vision (critics be damned) they're just going to throw everything they've built up so far out the window and settle for being diet Marvel.
Geoff Johns was rewriting the script as they were filming (never a good sign for any film), not to mention Zack Snyder had a hard time developing THREE characters (Batman, Supes, Lex) in ONE movie with complete creative control. Do you honestly expect him to do a better job with seven characters while Geoff Johns is breathing down his neck to chastise him the second he thinks about having Batman kill another irredeemable bad guy?


Movie is heavy in post-production phase for last few months: they're editing, adding effects, music etc. If there were any re-shoots it was for "fine-tuning" some scenes, not for re-doing whole movie. Twice.


Stop! it chugs on through like a locomotive i don't even think Superman could stop this one.


But again the ultimate cut flowed much easier. It was not perfect, but could stand up to any CBM. Watchmen was also cut on Snyder, and again everyone agrees his version (that was suppose to be the theatrical version but was cut) was Superior to what was released.The guy doesn't get a break, when he has good source material, he tells a good story.
But the BvS theatrical........ How could WB take the whole African woman been paid to lie plot out, all the CIA stuff, Lex killing the prisoners marked with the Bat brand, and lois finding out the wheel chair was made from Led. These were all vital to the overall story. What were they thinking? I think Snyder told a perfectly good story in the ultimate cut. I do not blame him for the whole mess with BvS.
I actually think when Snyder was told to cut the movie he was like, "right f**k you's, i'm going to cut this and that, oh and ill take out that" now see how your cut movie does LOL


Yes. It is in no way perfect, but no movie is. I think the whole BvS lark is just gone to far. It's just wrong. Marvels First Avenger had a 140 million Budget and only made back 370 million. Then you've to take marketing from that 370. That was the same pattern for Marvel's first few movies. Big budgets, small returns, but there was nothing, and still is nothing reminding them and the fans of it.


According to Umberto Gonzalez it is bs, and I trust that his credibility is extremely important to him. So if he says that I trust his word.
I'm just saying that extensive reshoots would not be surprising. When you add everything up here it is not at all hard to believe. But I do not suspect that there have been "two major overhauls." That sounds made up to sensationalize.


I also just remembered aside from Gal being pregnant that Henry was in physical therapy for a badly injured knee. Reshoots aren't suprising and reshoots could still happen but given the circumstances it's unlikely it has happened so I'm inclined to believe their article is ridiculous bs.


Yeah, it's looking like a made up story, basically. Especially, the assertion of "two major overhauls" is probably untrue.


Yeah, I think that's a fair assessment. I mean, by the same token, if the DCEU had opted to try to copy the MCU approach I think BvS could have made a lot more--well over a billion. Like there's an established model for how to be successful AF with those films now. But I like the fact that WB chose a more artistic and serious dramatic approach. We can call that "darker," if we like, but they are films with more gravitas, more substance, more weight. And in hindsight that was bound to rub a lot of fans the wrong way. But so be it. Over time, this way of differentiating the two respective CUs will hopefully pay off.


Totally agree, Marvel are still continuing on with there universe, so there is no need for another Marvel. It's always great to have choice. I love that both styles are so different.

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Forum Oi! → Cinema & TV → Rumor says JL has gone through extensive reshoots that overhauled the film twice

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