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It's not yours until you pay for it. While your friend may be honest stores do lose a lot to this type of casual theft. I've past a good many partly consumed snacks and sodas sitting on shelves in stores.


Store Detective is a full time job, and taking their time to check on your soda makes a difference.  It's disrespectful.


Can we agree that it is rude and disrespectful .


Banned, seems fair.


well it's not yours until you pay for it.


When grocery stores were not the size of a football stadium and the employees generally knew their customers it was a normal thing to do but not in todays society.


The whole grocery store will be a mess even if you are allowed to do that.




In some areas, eating,drinking before one has paid constitutes theft.  IMO it is very rude. I hate it when someone I'm with does it.  I do not need to be hauled into jail because  they could not wait.


ive opened up a bag of  chips to keep the kids quiet. No problems.
Never thought of it as an issue but then again it's pretty rare for us to do that.


Say that your neighbour's kid left a rake out on his lawn, and you used it to rake your yard, and put it back where you found it.  You had no intention of keeping it, but without asking you assumed that since it was your neighbor's rake, it would be cool to use it without his permission.
Ask yourself.  Are you respecting your neighbor, even knowing if you just asked for the rake he would have no problem letting you use it?
Until the soda was purchased, it still belonged to the store.  A simple remedy would have been to buy the soda first, and then unless there was a policy against it, drink it while shopping.  When your friend drank the soda without purchasing it first, he or she placed the judgement in the hands of the store.  Given that stores often see pilferage, and probably people have eaten products in the store with no intention of paying for them, your friend was banned from the store.
In this case, you have to honestly come from the store's point of view, and the most common intention for people consuming products in the story without paying for them first.


If you haven't paid for it, its not yours to consume.


I'm guilty of doing this.  Usually it is in the large grocery store and when I am absolutely dying for something cold and wet.  I hand it to the cashier first so he/she can scan it and toss it.


It is unsanitary, go home please.


I think that it depends on the store's policy. Some stores allow it, and some don't.
If they don't, and you do it anyway, then you're in the wrong.
If you don't like their policies, then you have a choice of shopping somewhere else.
In the absence of a posted policy, a quick check with the store's owner/manager should settle the matter.


what lies? about where the usa is going?


Sabel, instead of answering my points directly, you choose to just attack the USA?  Unless you can address my points or question on the topic, just move along.

Posts: 17

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