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I kind of don't believe it.


It's skeptical but the possibility is interesting.


Records show ancient mirrors were small.and not very reflective.


These burning mirrors were made to be a lot bigger I think. These wouldn't be the type of mirror your wife gets dressed in front of (-;


For those looking at a modern map this happened at Syracuse which is on the SE corner of Sicily.


Solar concentrator would be a better description than laser.
I would guess this was an idea that never made it to actual deployment in the field.  Holding the requisite number of mirror all steady on the same point on a moving target would not have been practical and the focal length of parabolic mirrors they could have made would not have allowed any great range.
I think the Greeks would have realized that the same number of men wielding bows would have been much more effective against ships that close.


Yeah it was a cool idea that just didn't work. Unfortunately.


Well, not too surprising. I mean Alexander TG went under the sea in a glass globe. To see the one place on Earth beyond his powers.


It was called Archimedes Death Ray, I think.  It actually works.  I remember a show on this in which they built a device, and set stuff on fire so there is no doubt in my mind they could have done this.   The question is.... did Archimedes actually build one or is this just a legend...  While possible, probably not.


You're right about the applicability of such weapons but I wouldn't discount the psychological aspect. The weapon would have terrified the soldiers and be about as close to actual magic that they would ever see. It would intimidate an enemy fleet that would be prepared to get shot at with arrows.


Really? That's amazing.


I've always wondered why Archimedes story has never been made into a movie. Burning ships with lasers. Flipping them over with giant claws. Awesome siege combat action sequences. Someone get James Cameron on the phone!


Yeah and give the film a sexy name like Mirror or Sunbeam. It would be a hit at theatres.


I know nothing about optical physics, but I would assume that focusing a series of mirrors on a single point is within the realm of possibility.   However, I wonder if the confusion may be between someone seeing signals be exchanged between ship and shore during a barrage of "Greek Fire" and an assumption was made.   I could see that happening.


More brilliant technology stemming from the Ancient World! Ancient developments always makes me wonder. Ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt, what did they have/possess that allowed for such inventions? Was it genetics?


They had more time and more needs to experiment with.

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Forum Oi! → Chit-Chat → Lasers in Ancient Greece?

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