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I don't see why not. They can't even care for themselves, much less an innocent babe.


Actually, the world would likely be better if we eliminated all of the sociopath billionaires whose greed and rapaciousness know no bounds.
Great idea!

The Western middle classes should shut. the. fck. up. about overpopulation.  There's nothing more disgusting than this kind of wannabe king of the world, blaming everyone but themselves.
No, not having a kid doesn't mean anything.  You're not one bit better because of that.  It does not confer any rights on you.  Certainly no right to control the reproduction of poor people halfway across the world, who did nothing to you, no matter how many kids they have, and whose blood you're feeding off of, even if you have no kids.
As part of (and probably a beneficiary of) imperialism, you should stop running your bloody mouth and learn.
And the biologising idiocy ("If we managed to inprove the average mental capabilities of the populace with said methods, we would likely do a better job of selecting representatives, thus also likely inproving the national debt situation"), effectively declaring your own superiority over the masses...ugh.  Typical self-centredm arrogant controller. 


There are none so blind as those who will not see.


True that.
Or so deaf as those who won't listen:-)
Our ruling class has a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.
Hence the funding of any ideologically - congenial pseudoscience to control discourse.
Even to the point of complete fabrication.


I'm afraid I don't understand how the people we rely upon for the continuance of our species are of low utility, can you help me out here?


So where were you when the banksters stiffed everyone for a handout?
Though it was called bailout.


Again, that is what she is doing.  I can see that.
I literally asked:
Why do you want to [emphasize that word]?
And you answer:
"It's for emphasizing that word."
Still, thank you for the civil reply.


you know the facts you look at and love to ignore any contradicting ones or a different explanation.
Also, facts without context are kinda worthless: How about the "fact" that ISIS hate against America is justified, because you killed roundabout 100.000 iraqis without justification or exculpation, without even granting an excuse and surely against international laws.
Yeah, without the context, this fact is stupid and worthless.


It was worldwide.
I just wonder why wealth - distribution to the needy always elicits howls from the Lindas, but not the vastly greater wealth - distribution to the greedy.


Putting it down to selfish greedy hoarder terms tells us much about you and your shallow understanding of... pretty much anything of substance.
Other human beings foot the bill for YOU.  To imagine you are "self sufficient" is one of the greatest exhibits of profound ignorance it is possible to make.
I am a 1%er and object to every single one of my tax dollars being wasted to escalate wars to prop up business interests.  How is it I have no say on a far more vast quantity of MY tax money going towards destruction and mass murder of human beings who pose no threat to me or us?
All you want to protect your "tax money" from is being used to help other human beings live a dignified life.


Your contention that the poor deserve their poverty and that because they cannot protect themselves from us, that they DESERVE to be sterilized - IS offensive.
Again, I suggest - you go first and help us clean up the gene pool that way.
Heck.  It can be reversed and all so its no big deal..  8-/


"My terminology was a bit over the top--you advocate killing off certain groups before the fact. However, your intent is still the same as genocide: cull the herd of undesirables."
Forced contraception, or not, your argument is still against it. You can apply the same argument against "voluntary" contraception. Why aren't you as critical about "people using self-eugenics"?  I mean, this is where your argument leads. Exactly what is your attitude about contraception? It is a form of eugenics. Do answer this question.


When the "norm" is hyperbolic emotive overreaction, sans discriminatory cognition, then by definition the critical thinkers become the "fringe", or if you prefer:
The barely perceptible event horizon at the leading edge of a non-cognitive singularity.
It can be infuriating, but try to keep the difficult perception that disagreement sharpens where continual agreement dulls the edge.
I often post to Andy Robinson, genuinely thoughtful, developed argumentation, but we are mostly antithetical in our conclusions. Personally, his dissents are far more valuable than any number of agreements; the cognitive hand is forced, and better reasoning must be formulated to supplant a solid argument.
[preachyoldbastard.exe: call.process.exit]


I guess you already 'know' the answer to your own question. Why you asked it not sure.  If you are trying to get people to agree with you then that should be known. 


I'm sitting in the hospital. My sons mother is down the hall in the ICU. We're long divorced and I raised my son on own. She's dying of lung cancer so I came with him so he could be with her. To help pass the time I got out my phone to look at the forum app and further reply to your request for facts.
I looked at your profile first, just out of curiosity. Hmmm. You describe yourself as an egoist and invite people to guess how much you care. Your posts and replies say a lot about you. I'm sorry you're so bored. You're a troll with an excellent vocabulary and I regret wasting my time and yours. If you really want facts then look them up. If you need your ego stroked then buy a dog, it will give you all the loyalty and devotion it has to give. If nothing really matters and you don't really care then meh, so be it.

Posts: 16

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