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Lol he signed it


Yeah I know. It was a joke.


I actually don't care for jokes or happy endings, that doesn't change the fact that Zack Snyder is a sh!t director. BvS could've been great in the hands of someone competent.


You know that opinions are relative and it's all a matter of personal taste? In your opinion BvS could have been great, in others' opinions BvS is great.


I won't argue with that. I know a lot of the kids seem to like him.


Kids? I bet you can't explain what makes him a sh*t director without spouting some second hand nonsense you heard from somewhere.


I haven't read anything about him. I know that I've seen all of his movies and they all look very good, they're just not very good.


What makes them not very good ?


They're all style and no substance. He spent all his time on visuals and zero money on story. I'm not saying I didn't enjoy some of them, I'm just saying if another director had directed them, there would've been more of a story.


Also, why did kids offend you? Are you 100?


Kids didn't offend me I just wondered how you jumped to the conclusion that we are kids, thus the question mark?


"They're all style and no substance" do you even know what that statement means? What's that missing substance tou were looking for?
"He spent all his time on visuals and zero money on story." Something tells me that you've never heard of visual storytelling, which is a legit way to tell a story.


I have no idea how old you are, you may be my age. I'm just saying all my cousins who are in their early teens thought BvS was the greatest movie of all time, and it clearly isn't.


But you haven't given me a legit reason that it isn't and some of us on here have kids of our own, I've even run into someone that has grandkids.


What's missing is an actually story. And, yes I have heard of visual storytelling, which would only make sense if it had a cohesive visual narrative and not a hodgepodge of various scenes that seemed like they were spliced together. He seem like he would be really good at making music videos though.


Well, I'm closer to being a kid than to having kids of my own and certainly no where close to having grandkids.


Well okay then, isn't your sister on this forum too.


I'll bite - it was great. Best CBM so far for me.


The story wasn't missing, he told the story he wanted to tell. There was a beginning an end and a middle, there was a climax and there was set up. Each character achieved their purpose. So you really want to tell me you didn't know what bvs was about?
It had a cohesive visual narrative, maybe you weren't paying attention. Sure he could make a music video, he's good at a lot of stuff, he's a trained and excellent filmmaker.


I do, how'd you know? If she was awake she'd be attacking me too. She loved BvS


I've had a couple conversations with her and she mentioned her brother's name is Holden. You also have similar ways of writing, she's a pleasant person to be around.


She is.  She just has terrible taste in movies.


At least she can support her opinions rather than repeat something she heard from someone.


I knew what BvS was about, that doesn't mean anything. Just because you understand a movie doesn't mean anything. I understood the Scooby Doo movies, that doesn't make them great.  In fact, they were quite crappy.


Why do you keep thinking I've heard something about Zack. It may surprise you but I actually don't read movie reviews, because I could care less what other people think. He's a crap director and that's all there is to it. His movies are too long with too little story. There are plenty of directors who could turn his crap into gold, but unfortunately the studios chose Zack.


You understood the scooby doo movies meaning the scooby doo movies had a story, no it doesn't mean they were good but it certainly means they had a story and what makes them bad isn't a lack of story.


What you're really saying is that you and others don't care for the story and the way it was told. The story is there. The intent on the part of the director is there.
I can actually understand many people not liking it. In hindsight the entire approach was certain to polarize the fan base. But the complaints of a lack of substance usually comes from people that have not taken the time to consider the deeper messages and commentary on the superhero film genre Snyder has embedded in the film.
Conceptually, BvS is actually hugely ambitious film. In fact I think it aimed so high that what Snyder was trying to do sailed over far too many folks' heads. That is a more legitimate complaint than having no substance at all.
An important point to understand, I think: Snyder was trained first as a painter. I'm sure that must be a strong factor in his love of comic books and graphic novels. He does indeed heavily rely on visual symbolism. BvS requires effort on the part of the viewer to piece together that symbolism. (By the same token, isn't that is the very nature of symbolism? I.e., to force us to think beyond the literal, etc.)
I think it is actually fair to say that BvS may be considered an experimental arthouse film with regard to its 'meta' content subtext. That is about as daring as you can get as an auteur director (i.e., taking a risk like that with one the most highly anticipated blockbusters of all time).
If you're interested in exploring serious analyses (and aren't afraid to run counter to the pack in considering it), you can try here, here, here, and here. And this analysis video of Man of Steel is outstanding:


But, it didn't sail over my head. I'm familiar with the comics and understood the symbolism. And, again understanding what's happening and even understanding what the director was trying to go for, doesn't make it great. But, your painting theory makes sense. It's like when everyone tells you that Jackson Pollock is an artistic genius, when it's obvious his paintings are loud and obnoxious and overrated. But, I'll read the links you sent and see if it changes my view of this supposedly gifted auteur.


In addition to what rogbngp said, I'm not trying to attack you, I just don't want you to close your mind to the movie for reasons that aren't actually true. You can actually present issues you had with the movie not just speaking in absolutes and we can discuss them and tell you why we like the movie.
In this video you can see some of the symbolism rogbngp spoke of, there's more but this is a good start.


Lol, doesn't sound like much of an open mind given the Pollack reference! ;-P But all I can really hope for here us that you can at least see and respect that there is a way appreciating the Snyder DCEU film trilogy (Mos, BvS, and eventually JL) as having tremendous substance. Of course it may not be your cup of tea! You may hate it. But the substance is there, and there's nothing wrong with the fact that others can appreciate it and like it for valid reasons.

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Forum Oi! → Cinema & TV → Zack Snyder rightfully honored as Jesus on the Shanghai red carpet

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