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Invitations sent!


Thanks mate!


Sure. But all this proves is that factors other than the presence and availability of firearms are controlling for violence levels.


A better question is how many toddlers died from poison, drowning and medical malpractice.  lack of common sense.


"You could protect yourself same way I do ..."  Care to expand on this topic?


Me  too!  When I pull a trigger its not accidental.


I guess explosives would qualify as a substance that requires very specific safe storage protocols. So yes, some substances should not be provided to the general public.
Chemical warfare (biological) are  hideous and should have never been produced.


I agree, thirty years in ems----- I two toddlers that where shot,,,, one mmmmmm according to the father, snuck in his room while he was sleeping and reached under his pillow and the fought over the gun,,,, grown man and 4year--- the other was an officer that placed the revolver on the refrig and fell a sleep---- child climbed up and got it.......  you have no argument from me


A damn shame.  Irresponsible Adults.  It is really not hard or expensive to secure a weapon in a home.  No kids in my house.   Honestly, my revolver is sitting quietly on my hip  waiting to return to the patio to finish grilling dinner.  off we go!


the officer, I don't know what she was thinking,,, she was a good mother and good officer, it was a slip and thank God it turned out well..... the other was a strung out crack head -- that I did everything I could to get the other kids out of the house.


So you're not too bright troll.


You're the one insecure about your meager intellect. And, you might want to cite statistics about gun incidents when you're talking about guns, smart guy.


See what I mean. Can't believe this fool passed the bar


I did. It's fine.


Of course it's fine. Matt is simply a crying fool


He's a typical cuckold.


The answer to 1,2,& 3  is yes, up to a point. Without listing specific situations is difficult to provide a definite answer.
Basically, if the firearm was secured so that someone had to break into a locked box, home, or car, I believe reasonable care was taken by the gun owner and responsibility falls on to the thief. If the firearm was taken from a person legally carrying the weapon, fault should fall to the thief. If the gun was loaned to a person legally per state law and the person was legally allowed to have the firearm, responsibility should fall to the person that borrowed the firearm.

Posts: 17

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Forum Oi! → Chit-Chat → The ethics of keeping your weapons safely stored

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