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Reminds me of the Soong Sisters.
The Soong sisters (simplified Chinese: 宋氏三姐妹; traditional Chinese: 宋家姐妹; pinyin: Sòngjiā Jiěmèi) were three Hainanese Chinese women who were, along with their husbands, amongst China's most significant political figures of the early 20th century. They each played a major role in influencing their husbands, who, along with their own positions of power, ultimately changed the course of Chinese history.
All three sisters attended Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia, United States.[2] Mei-Ling, however, left Wesleyan College and eventually graduated from Wellesley College in Wellesley, Massachusetts.  Throughout their lifetimes, each one of the sisters followed her own beliefs in terms of supporting the Kuomintang (KMT) or the Communist Party of China. In the 1930s, Soong Ai-ling and her sister Mei-ling were the two richest women in China.[3] Both of them supported the Nationalists.
Soong Ai-ling    The eldest sister (1888–1973). She was married to the richest man and finance minister of China, H. H. Kung.
Soong Ching-ling    The middle sister (1893–1981). She married Sun Yat-sen, Father of Modern China and first President of the Republic of China, in Japan on 25 October 1915. She later broke with her family and supported the Communists, remaining on the mainland after the Communist takeover. She became joint Vice President of the People's Republic of China with Dong Biwu from 1959 to 1972 and Honorary President in 1981, just before her death.
Soong Mei-ling    The youngest sister (1898–2003). She was a prominent political leader in her own right, the wife and partner in power of Chiang Kai-shek, the leader of the Kuomintang (KMT), commander in chief of the Chinese armies and later President of the Republic of China.
In a cemetery in Shanghai there are tall cedars and flowers in gold and red, the colours of the Chinese flag. Qingling is buried here and there's a dazzling white statue of her.
Her sisters are buried in America. Ailing died in 1973 and Meiling led a quiet life in a Manhattan apartment dying at the grand old age of 105, in 2003.
After 1949, the three sisters were never together again, estranged by history. But all three have taken their thoughts on that separation to the grave.


Islam wanted to control trade with the east


Pretty sure everyone wanted to control that trade, Muslim and Christian alike. 


Curious, is it your contention that pollution doesn't matter, that there is no reason for industry to try to put out less pollution?


Fascinating.  Never heard of her before.  Thanks for posting.


Pollution can be poisonous. It is a hazard and can be controlled or regulated. But that may not be causing the oceans to rise or make summer time hotter.


The difference was that with control of Anatolia and the Levant they had control ergo the Potugese going around Africa.


The only people who really argue against climate change science are those with financial interests in the companies that pollute the most who don't want to see those companies forced to, at their expense, clean up their acts.


You can't tell them that. Global warming deniers somehow think science books are more profitable than oil.


Okay, but I think there was misconception among educational institutions at the time. When Magellan finally circumnavigated the globe, that became proof that convinced the educators. Before that a lot of thinkers and scientists that hints to a round Earth like Gallileo had to face resistance from authorities. Of course those were dark ages, truth was obstructed. The authorities accused many of practicing sorcery if they cannot undertand.


It's tragic that they were all separated. They led interesting lives.


No most educators actually believed in a round Earth. Only an ignorant populace thought otherwise. Similar to how most scientists today believe in evolution and global warming but an ignorant populace fights it.


Its hilarious how the posts here show the situation of social pressure that limits or control the flow of information. Strong social pressure was exactly the reason why planet Earth became flat.


True but scientific scholars ignored that pressure, just as they ignore pressure from warming deniars today. Anyways that's off topic so stop talking about it.


"it was no feat to relate to a rounded surface,"
Rounded, yes. You could see that in the Sun, as well. But, an actual sphere? That's a stretch.


Well, Olympias was a bit of a nutter and a wild woman who never had the actual political clout that Beki had.

Posts: 16

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