Good point. If every culture is proud of its people, I guess I'm an exception. I'm not proud of people, in general.


There is a speech by some king of the time who referred to the Dark Ages proceeding his reign. Always wondered if that's where the term came from. The folks who came after were survivors of the black plague so they had a jaundiced view.


Anything that makes history real for someone is awesome.


The term actually was coined by an Italian in the 13th century.  Here's an interesting essay on the topic:  www.medievalists.net...


LOL! Don't worry, you have done well to promote your ego. The 'deliberate effort to occult' your 'reasons' shows up in what you 'have mentioned', even though these may be occulted even to you. You state, then deny the obvious: It's all about you not history anything.
However, @ hi STORIES = As Churchill said, "History will be kind to me for I intend to write it".  And he did, as did the other bunker heroes. This is what the general public knows, because this is what the Media promotes. People are far too busy in their lives to dig up the facts concerning anything. This is   why Hollywood 'history' is accepted as fact. It is simple and requires 0 thinking. It is not odd.
@ 'curriculum in school deliberately omits' 'dark ages' = ? Which, where? Denmark? Maybe, it's irrelevant in 2017 ? Unless, there is an agenda to promote Muz to the White People?
Perhaps, 'a deliberate effort to occult some of history' by enemies of Europeans. On purpose, to misdirect and dis-inform the misinformed. To make Muz and acolytes  feel at home?
Medieval History is not dark to Europeans; they can be proud of it and their ancestors. What else can they do, anyway? But, is it relevant 2017? No. Later it will be, for sure.