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Reese Fowler on Annex One?
I'm a mutant doctor - not a madman!


"V.J. people?" They prefer to be called "Gyno-Americans!" lol


Ok, so what happens when you get sick and useless?


I once heard a guy ask a BDSM dominatrix for a "Tricky Dick," but she said, "not on camera." I always wondered what that was. Why would phoning the moon be something she didn't want done on camera--unless that's a euphemism.
"Phoning the Moon"
I'm trying to imagine what how that would translate into a BDSM scene. I'm guessing it would start with an old-timey phone getting jammed up your ass.


Described the medical already, useless? there are four typical classes found in Omnicron V, the first class are the original charter shareholders, due to the income received from trade they have a full ride as long as they continue to work in supporting the colony. As charter members they have a retirement and medical for life.
The second class are the descendants of the original members, they are a protected class given education, training by the charter and supported by family until they reach a majority age of twenty five, upon reaching that they have the window of five years to decide if they wish to remain in the colony and become shareholders, (which requires a sponsor and a majority vote of shareholders in their ship or station)
Or, they may remain indebted to family to pay the air tax, choose to work in the service industry which is very large and profitable, however like all out system workers they have limited rights after age thirty and must sign work contracts which include medical and retirement options as well as paying the air tax.
The third class are the service class, medical is covered and if you cannot work your contract covers return to the system of origin.
credits are set aside by the company holding the contract to pay into a pool to cover retirement/medical. one may elect to have more set aside and buy additional insurance coverage.
The fourth class are considered visitors to the system, this includes government entities, out system ships crews, vendors, visa preapproved visitors. (tightly controlled) the air tax is purchased in increments of thirty, sixty, and ninety days, unused days are payed back upon departure from the system.
If the stay of any person in system is less then thirty days and they do not enter a system ship or habitat they are not required to pay the air tax.
Savings, Insurance, and family account for support for dependents as well as a Space Sailors Benevolent Fund to provide for those unable to provide for themselves.
Those that choose not to work and/or fail to be supported by family and friends will be unable to pay the air tax, failure to pay the air tax will result in deportation payed for by the company of hire, system government of origin or seizure of assets.
Dependents of charter members or shareholders that fail to pay the air tax are deported from the system and banned from returning for ten years, a one time payoff is given them equal to the parent shareholders last years shares.


Lots of wealth involved in controlling interstellar commerce.
The original charter members created endowments for education and the arts, sponsors of the current shareholder class also enjoyed playing the rich uncle or benefactor enabling dependants and outsystem artists a living and the ability to pay the air tax.
So keep daddy warbucks amused or the masses entertained and you got to ride the gravy train.


All crew members and including captains are shareholders, and all shareholders are voters, captains are elected by their crews, fail to perform and run a poor ship, habitat, platform, or other critical function and get voted out.
Shares of profit are how you are paid as a crewmember including captains. Make bad decisions and don't make a profit? Can you say airlock?
Everyone takes an active interest in the bottom line and profit margin.
As far as keeping people from going crazy from island or ship fever?
Long recognized issue, lots of R&R, entertainment, and leisure time activities, remember the bit about education, and the arts?
Highly encouraged, very creative people in space, artists, writers, and thinkers.


Well this sounds eminently practical.
What's it called? Shareholderism?


The history of groups working for shares goes way back!
One example we have in the here and now are sailors, fishing boats, some merchant ships, work under shares.
Go further back and merchant vessels including pirates operated under shares and elected there captains.
Mercenary companies, if you go back elected their officers in some cases and also shared in the pay or loot by shares.
so the concept has been around, I used this concept as an example in a purely commercial organization where formal governmental control does not exist.
Space is one of the last places where one can perhaps practice different forms of government, this would only work under specific circumstances.
Hope you had fun with it, I think I will expand this idea and story in novel form.

Posts: 9

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Forum Oi! → Chit-Chat → Best political structure for a space colony?

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