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Just to be honest... I think I'm only interested in WW at the time being... maybe another try at Catwoman, maybe Harley's movie. But I would never go see a Black Widow or Scarlett Witch movie. Almost every female lead comic movie/show has sucked, this WW movie is obviously the best even though it hasn't come out yet.


Female-led movie/shows...
- 1984 Supergirl. BARF.
- Linda Carter Wonder Woman... iconic!
- Barb Wire. BARF.
- Elektra. BARF.
- Catwoman. BARF.
- Current Supergirl show... I've heard isn't bad at all, and a little more *fun* as compared to the majority of superheroe fare outside of the big-screen MCU.
- Jessica Jones... awesome!
Okay, I'm very very very quickly running out of examples. What else have you got? Does Tomb Raider count?
I think if WW ends up being good -- and ESPECIALLY if Captain Marvel ends up good, as well -- you're going to start seeing more female-led superhero films.
Black Widow wouldn't shock me (although I'm not interested) and I'd be excited for She-Hulk, or even an X-Film led by Jean Grey/Madelyne Pryor? Heck, I'd enjoy a Dazzler film, if they did it right.   ;o)


I'm on board with anything that can build us up without needing to knock somebody else down in order to do it. I'm tired of adversariality.


The thing with She-Hulk is...  how can she be portrayed in the MCU? either as a series or a movie. CGI? A muscular/amazonian babe in green paint? Let's keep in mind she's "smarter" than her cousin Bruce. And it has to be totally convincing in motion. I love the character and I'd love to see her adapted, but this always kinda bugged me.
Side note, I'd still take the 1984 Supergirl (even the theatrical cut) over the new series. I didn't even bother with that stuff. At least Helen Slater had more charisma and presence.


Shulk can be any ol' actress when she's Jen Walter, and then painted up (such as seen in GotG) when she greens out. She's not monstrous, so the only need for CG might possibly be in adding color to her.
What MIGHT be interesting -- especially with Matt Murdock already established -- is using her to bridge the Netflix shows to the *true* MCU.
I haven't seen the new SG. I doubt I will, to be honest... but I've heard positive things about it.


Alien, T2 arguably in the top 10 action scifi lists of all time.
Easily in my list..I couldn't care less if the hero is a robot like Walle.
JJ yes it was brilliant.


Nice word a welcome addition to the lexicon.


Then there's T2.


I would love to see a Black Widow solo film. Someone reported from Shanghai promotion event for WW that Zack and Deborah Snyder confirmed the next solo female led superhero film in the DCEU will be Batgirl. I'm curious to see what Whedon does with that, and look forward to it. But I'd be lying if I said I'm not more interested in Black Widow. But then again I'm nearly as much a MCU fan as DCEU fan. And I've never particularly been a fan of the Bat-family.

Posts: 10

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Forum Oi! → Cinema & TV → Gal Gadot wants 'Wonder Woman' to empower both men and women

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