2 z-nation

by Cavallo

11 How do you imagine UFOs?

by Sits 'N Spins

12 Dreams Do Come True

by Elodie St. J

13 What was the first horror film to truely scare you?

by Sebastian Michealis ( Pages 1 2 )

19 Haunted Houses

by nowweknow

24 Hostel

by The Tooth *EWN HOF*

25 Where would you never want to be alone?

by Alex "Kat" Lunair

26 How would you describe Horror in one word?

by J-A-N☆*gordon rams

33 What do you find creepy?

by Alex "Kat" Lunair

37 Where is the Creepypasta at??

by Your Old Gameboy (Mo

38 What is your favorite SAW movie ?

by Mrs. Nocturna

39 What Is Ectoplasm?

by Vlad Dracula

40 Horror Films Base on True Stories!

by JOS's Tooth *EWN HOF