2 What the hell happened

by Theoriginals44-blood

5 Do masks scare you?

by A.O.T Potato Girl (

6 You go to moon after death

by Kayleigh Arbre du No

11 What Just Happened

by Barbara

14 Open Thread Time!!!

by Vlad Dracula

15 What did your boogeyman look like?

by TheGuyNextdoor

17 Asian Horror vs American Horror.

by villadbandungblogspo

21 What's your favorite mask?


24 Napoleon's Book of Fate

by Kayleigh Arbre du No

25 Horror Movies - Once is Enough

by Fio Victoria ( Pages 1 2 )

26 Do you believe in curses?

by Rachael Tyrell

32 I do love the rain

by ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Noctur

33 Are you claustrophobic?

by Sebastian Michealis

36 Are you afraid of the ocean?

by Elodie St. J